VCI Active Pack – Netnocor 5156 MR corrosion solution for hydraulic testing is a safe and environmentally friendly water-based temporary corrosion protection during and after hydraulic testing.

Netnocor 5156 MR is a steel and copper and/or copper alloys anticorrosion additive for closed water systems and for hydraulic testing of water systems, pumps, tubes and tanks made out of steel or copper and/or copper alloys.

Components made of steel and/or red metals (copper, brass or bronze) after dry processing like casting, forging or machining, can be immersed in the liquid and dried immediately to provide up to four weeks of corrosion protection.

Major benefits

  • User safe
  • Environmentally safe (biodegradable)
  • Temporary corrosion protection
  • Results in lower consumption
  • Water-based (low viscosity and low surface tension)
  • No need to oil the parts between processes
  • No contamination of cutting fluid with oils
  • Clean and oil-free floors and working areas

How to apply it?

Netnocor 5156 MR corrosion solution for hydraulic testing is applied as it is or in a water solution. The level should be increased for hard to protect metals like cast iron and low carbon steels.

The temperature of the metal parts before immersion should not exceed 90 °C, and the parts should be dried immediately after dipping.

It is highly recommended using the residual heat from the process to dry the parts and therefore save additional drying costs. The parts should be left to dry with a residual temperature of 20-40 °C higher than the ambient temperature.

Netnocor 5156 MR can be used as it is through brush application or for large surfaces and parts, by spraying.


Simplicity and efficiency




protection in
enclosed spaces

Zero or minimal

Easy to use


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